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Importing old 1.6 vdi file into 3.2X Virtualbox

I am trying to import a working winXP VirtualBox 1.6 client vdi file into a new VirtualBox 3.2

Host is Linux 10.04 LTS 64 bit
Client is WinXPPro Sp3 32bit

The client starts up but suddently gives BSOD. It only displays the message for a short time and i have been able to read it.
I have tried to start up in XP Protected mode with same result.

I have triel all combinations of Virtualbox System Client Setting as well as storage controllers.

Is there an upgrade conversion program to be used on the the client file or what other options do I have to run this vdi file

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Might be wrong disk controller drivers in the image. Or wrong HAL version.



Problem solved. I did not try the PIIX3 controller option which solved the problem