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What does src="#" mean when used in a bgsound attribute and is it needed?

I am currently using the following line in a html doc which uses javascript to replace the audio source file (which is variable):
<bgsound src="#" id="sound" autostart="false">

My question is can I leave out the src attribute from the bgsound tag.  The # value seems to result in some strange results, almost as though it forces the page to refresh.  When I remove it, everything *seems* to work, but I'm not 100% sure why it is there in the first place and if html specs require it.
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Src specifies the address of a sound to be played. You need to be the location of the file to be played there instead of the #


The location of the audio file is added via javascript.  It is a variable and cannot be hard coded in the current src attribute.

Does the script reference the src attribute?


Yes, like this:

...the sound IS working -- that is not the problem, my question is regarding the "#" attribute  -- what it is does and do I need it (according to html specifications or good practice).
there is a problem with the javascript but without the javascript code i can't help
the # is a placeholder which will be be replaced by the javascript with the URL
I removed the "#" and all seems fine.