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Any online data service that is better than ibackup

Looking for an online backup service(backup/file server) that not only backs up the data but we can actually work on the data(excel sheets, word documents, pdf's) directly on the servers.  We use Ibackup and their backup's are slow and cannot work on the data directly when stored on their servers.  
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Have a look at dropbox.com.
You install their app and you create a dropbox folder on your server - everything that you put in that folder is automatically synchronised with their servers and if you make any changes the file is replicated immediately. You can also access your data online, on your iPhone and even synchronise everything with your other servers/workstations.

I use them only because I can have my data on 4 different machines and all the data is always up to date – so after the initial install you don’t even think about it anymore because no matter which laptop I use my data is always there, up-to-date and ready to be used
Have you tried Mozy.com? Mozy will backup your whole system. You can edit your document anytime and Mozy will make the backup for you.