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HP DL380 G6 Cluster on Hyper-V with 2k8 R2

Damian Motyl
Damian Motyl asked
Hi All,

I am planning to setup 2 node hyper-v cluster on Windows 2008 R2.

I already got 1 server :

HP DL380 G6 with singlle Xeon L5540 2.53GHZ and 32GB of RAM - good enough for 8 VM's - running locally for now nut need to move it on to SAN

Planning to get exacly the same second one but just checked on Microsoft HCL list and this model is not listed on it. Does this definitelly mean that I will not be able to setup cluster or this is not supported by microsoft configuration.


I will use EqualLogic  iSCSI SAN PS4000XV.

Just want to avoid situation when I get second box and it will not work.

Thank You

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> but just checked on Microsoft HCL list and this model is not listed on it

This changed in windows 2008!
if your parts have windows logo and your cluster passes validation - it's supported. This config should work well! :)

I suggest you to build one node cluster with all your VMs and add second node in the future.
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Instead of iSCSI why not use SAS attached shared storage? http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/proliantdl380g6/msa2000sa.html

None of your worries.

gtworek is right and after all Microsoft's HCL never listed all supported servers/models.

You can check HP's bulletin and compatibility grid for such certification. All HP's G6 and G7 DL3xx models are compliant with the virtualization (Blade servers too).


Thank guys for your help!

I just got confused by Microsoft:) Everyone does:)

qtworek in terms of designed for windows labels I have got couple of brand new servers and none of them got this labels ( Poweredge R610's and R710's). Probably HP and Dell workers are to lazy to put labels on.... on some of my servers even intel xeon label is upside down:)