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Exchange 2007 limits - number of recipients as condition, and CAN SPAM act compliance

I have two challenges in my Exchange 2007 environment.

1. I  have a maximum recipents limit of 100.  I need to be able to scale this down based on the file attachment size.

2. I need to be sure that messages to over 100 recipients are blocked, even if the message is sent multiple times to smaller user groups (ex. send the same message 3 times to 50 people -> the third message should be blocked).  Can I do this in Exchange or do I need a third party tool?

The first issue is because we only have a T1 for email connectivity with about 500 users
The second issue is for US CAN SPAM ACT compliance, which defines a message as same subject line and content over a 24 hour window.

We are also using google's postini service for outbound delivery and inbound delivery.

Appreciate any suggestions you have.
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When I  try to add a 2nd receive connector I get an error message because I am using the same IP address/port range combination.

If someone sends a message with a 3 MB file size, I want to have a smaller maximum # of recipients.  Or find a way to postpone delivery until after COB maybe?
BusbarSolutions Architect

you will have to assign another IP and create a receive connecto that listens on that IP other wise there is no workaround!


thank you