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SharePoint Workflow Lookup Problems

I am trying to set up a custom workflow through SharePoint Designer 2007 in which an individual person is sent an email when assigned as an event owner.  The list is composed of about 20 fields (columns within the database if I understand it correctly).  One of those columns is designated "Event Owner."  However, when I setup the workflow, only about nine of those columns appear for selection (of course - 'Event Owner' is not one of them).

I have compared the columns that do appear to the columns that do not appear and I cannot seem to find a difference between them.  What might possibly be keeping SharePoint Designer from seeing the other 11'ish columns?
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What type of field  is your event owner?  

The columns in which you store addresses for workflow e-mail messages can be either Single line of text, Multiple lines of text, or Person or Group type columns. If you use a Person or Group column, only one entry can be made in each field that the workflow will reference for e-mail addresses. When creating the column, be sure to select No under Allow multiple selections. If you want to use this type of column to specify multiple recipients, you can create a SharePoint group that includes the people that you want the workflow to address the e-mail to, and then specify the group in the field


I'll check it quickly, but I'm not thinking this is my problem.  Normally, when I've set up past workflows to do this, I use a "Workflow Lookup."  Then, I select the , I'm able to set the source as "Current Item" and when I go to choose the field to select, only seven selections appear.  The other eleven selections that should be in that same list range from number fields, multiple lines of text, single lines of text, and person or group columns.  None of those are showing up.

I'll read through the link you provided and see if it offers any clues.  Thanks thus far!


Sorry, to answer your original question, it is a "Person or Group" field type.


Well, I guess I should have tried it before I spoke!  You were right.  It was the fact that I had the field type set as "Person or Group" and I had multiple selections allowed.

Thank you so much!