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Exchange 2007 SP1 mailbox installation issues on 2008 R2

I have a clustered (CCR) 2007 SP1 environment and a test mailbox server on my network. I was trying to build a new test mailbox server on 2008 R2 instead of 2008. The mailbox role would not install and gave me some errors and now will not uninstall. The error that pops up is either

Cannot calculate value of property "AdminDisplayVersion": "SerialNumber property is not present."

Or when trying to reinstall the mailbox role, I get a message of:

Exchange Server component Mailbox Role failed.
Error: Error:
An error occurred. The error code was 3221685466. The message was The service is already registered.

Ideas on how to get it gone altogether, properly? I know I can just kill the server and try ADDSI Edit and see if I can find the stuff in AD to rip out, but eventually I do want to have an 2008 R2 server as a test mailbox server.
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Solutions Architect
Exchange 2007 is NOT supported on 2008 R2 yet it should be with SP3 but it is not so far.

Install Exchange 2007 on 2008 Sp2


Didn't know that, so OK....so ideas on how to uninstall from a partially installed R2 version?
AkhaterSolutions Architect
Exchange 2007 cannot be manually uninstalled, your best option is to format the server and then clean the server using adsiedit