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Server 2008 R2 Print Server

I have a Server 2008 printer server with about 30 HP printers installed on it.

I recently upgraded them all from the previous version of the HP Universal Print driver to the newest 5.1.

I just installed some updates on the server and rebooted the machine.  Now in my print log I see this message for ALL of the printers.

The print spooler failed to share printer Printername with shared resource name Printername . Error 2114. The printer cannot be used by others on the network.

The event ID is 315.

Even though I see this for all of the printers.  I still can connect to them and print to them from other computers.  Why am I getting this message?
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Try disabling the password protected sharing in Network and Sharing. Follow the steps:
1.      Click on Start.
2.      Go to Control Panel.
3.      Select Network and Internet.
4.      Click on Network and Sharing Center.
5.      On the left panel select ‘Change advance sharing settings’.
6.      Select ‘Turn off password protected sharing’.
7.      Save changes.
Also, i'm guessing you checked the print spooler was running? Check to see if it has any dependancies that will need to be running as well, double click on the service and click the dependancy tab
Failing that, I would roll back the drivers and wait for a driver fix to come out


Yes the print spooler is running.  As I said I can connect to this server from other machines and printer just fine.  I just see all these errors in the logs.
I have read on a few sites, that it is something to do with the permissions in the homegroups for Win7, i don't know how that would relate to 2008 though, even though they are similar architectures. If you can still print even though this error comes up, I would ignore it, it's bound to be fixed in an update.
Sorry I can't be of more help