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Adding URL Parameter

bmw040 asked
I am using an Ajax “accordion menu” script for vertical navigation. I need a specific region of the accordion to open when the page loads and to accomplish this; the script uses an “URL Parameter”.

How do I add an “URL Parameter” to all my pages (e.g. http://domain .com?accordionarea=2)?

This sounds simple (I am sure it is) but I am having problems getting this to work.

Thanks in advance for your help
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isn't is something like?
location.href = location.href + URL parameter

this will make your browser to reload the current page with this parameter.


That's what I was looking for. I am going line by line right now looking for something remotely simular.

I may just be overlooking it.
var ddaccordion={
	ajaxloadingmsg: '<img src="loading2.gif" /><br />Loading Content...', //customize HTML to output while Ajax content is being fetched (if applicable)

	headergroup: {}, //object to store corresponding header group based on headerclass value
	contentgroup: {}, //object to store corresponding content group based on headerclass value

			var preloadimage=new Image()

	expandone:function(headerclass, selected){ //PUBLIC function to expand a particular header
		this.toggleone(headerclass, selected, "expand")

	collapseone:function(headerclass, selected){ //PUBLIC function to collapse a particular header
		this.toggleone(headerclass, selected, "collapse")

	expandall:function(headerclass){ //PUBLIC function to expand all headers based on their shared CSS classname
		var $headers=this.headergroup[headerclass]

	collapseall:function(headerclass){ //PUBLIC function to collapse all headers based on their shared CSS classname
		var $headers=this.headergroup[headerclass]

	toggleone:function(headerclass, selected, optstate){ //PUBLIC function to expand/ collapse a particular header
		var $targetHeader=this.headergroup[headerclass].eq(selected)
		var $subcontent=this.contentgroup[headerclass].eq(selected)
		if (typeof optstate=="undefined" || optstate=="expand" && $subcontent.is(":hidden") || optstate=="collapse" && $subcontent.is(":visible"))

	ajaxloadcontent:function($targetHeader, $targetContent, config, callback){
		var ajaxinfo=$targetHeader.data('ajaxinfo')

		function handlecontent(content){ //nested function
			if (content){ //if ajax content has loaded
				ajaxinfo.cacheddata=content //remember ajax content 
				ajaxinfo.status="cached" //set ajax status to cached
				if ($targetContent.queue("fx").length==0){ //if this content isn't currently expanding or collapsing
					$targetContent.hide().html(content) //hide loading message, then set sub content's HTML to ajax content
					ajaxinfo.status="complete" //set ajax status to complete
					callback() //execute callback function- expand this sub content
			if (ajaxinfo.status!="complete"){
				setTimeout(function(){handlecontent(ajaxinfo.cacheddata)}, 100) //call handlecontent() again until ajax content has loaded (ajaxinfo.cacheddata contains data)
		} //end nested function

		if (ajaxinfo.status=="none"){ //ajax data hasn't been fetched yet
			ajaxinfo.status="loading" //set ajax status to "loading"
				url: ajaxinfo.url, //path to external menu file
					handlecontent('Error fetching content. Server Response: '+ajaxrequest.responseText)
					content=(content=="")? " " : content //if returned content is empty, set it to "space" is content no longer returns false/empty (hasn't loaded yet)
		else if (ajaxinfo.status=="loading")

	expandit:function($targetHeader, $targetContent, config, useractivated, directclick, skipanimation){
		var ajaxinfo=$targetHeader.data('ajaxinfo')
		if (ajaxinfo){ //if this content should be fetched via Ajax
			if (ajaxinfo.status=="none" || ajaxinfo.status=="loading")
				this.ajaxloadcontent($targetHeader, $targetContent, config, function(){ddaccordion.expandit($targetHeader, $targetContent, config, useractivated, directclick)})
			else if (ajaxinfo.status=="cached"){
		this.transformHeader($targetHeader, config, "expand")
		$targetContent.slideDown(skipanimation? 0 : config.animatespeed, function(){
			config.onopenclose($targetHeader.get(0), parseInt($targetHeader.attr('headerindex')), $targetContent.css('display'), useractivated)
			if (config.postreveal=="gotourl" && directclick){ //if revealtype is "Go to Header URL upon click", and this is a direct click on the header
				var targetLink=($targetHeader.is("a"))? $targetHeader.get(0) : $targetHeader.find('a:eq(0)').get(0)
				if (targetLink) //if this header is a link
					setTimeout(function(){location=targetLink.href}, 200) //ignore link target, as window.open(targetLink, targetLink.target) doesn't work in FF if popup blocker enabled

	collapseit:function($targetHeader, $targetContent, config, isuseractivated){
		this.transformHeader($targetHeader, config, "collapse")
		$targetContent.slideUp(config.animatespeed, function(){config.onopenclose($targetHeader.get(0), parseInt($targetHeader.attr('headerindex')), $targetContent.css('display'), isuseractivated)})

	transformHeader:function($targetHeader, config, state){
		$targetHeader.addClass((state=="expand")? config.cssclass.expand : config.cssclass.collapse) //alternate btw "expand" and "collapse" CSS classes
		.removeClass((state=="expand")? config.cssclass.collapse : config.cssclass.expand)
		if (config.htmlsetting.location=='src'){ //Change header image (assuming header is an image)?
			$targetHeader=($targetHeader.is("img"))? $targetHeader : $targetHeader.find('img').eq(0) //Set target to either header itself, or first image within header
			$targetHeader.attr('src', (state=="expand")? config.htmlsetting.expand : config.htmlsetting.collapse) //change header image
		else if (config.htmlsetting.location=="prefix") //if change "prefix" HTML, locate dynamically added ".accordprefix" span tag and change it
			$targetHeader.find('.accordprefix').html((state=="expand")? config.htmlsetting.expand : config.htmlsetting.collapse)
		else if (config.htmlsetting.location=="suffix")
			$targetHeader.find('.accordsuffix').html((state=="expand")? config.htmlsetting.expand : config.htmlsetting.collapse)

		var result=window.location.search.match(new RegExp(headerclass+"=((\\d+)(,(\\d+))*)", "i")) //check for "?headerclass=2,3,4" in URL
		if (result!=null)
		return result //returns null, [index], or [index1,index2,etc], where index are the desired selected header indices

		var re=new RegExp(Name+"=[^;]+", "i") //construct RE to search for target name/value pair
		if (document.cookie.match(re)) //if cookie found
			return document.cookie.match(re)[0].split("=")[1] //return its value
		return null

	setCookie:function(name, value){
		document.cookie = name + "=" + value + "; path=/"

	document.write('<style type="text/css">\n')
	document.write('.'+config.contentclass+'{display: none}\n') //generate CSS to hide contents
	document.write('a.hiddenajaxlink{display: none}\n') //CSS class to hide ajax link
		var persistedheaders=ddaccordion.getCookie(config.headerclass)
		ddaccordion.headergroup[config.headerclass]=$('.'+config.headerclass) //remember header group for this accordion
		ddaccordion.contentgroup[config.headerclass]=$('.'+config.contentclass) //remember content group for this accordion
		var $headers=ddaccordion.headergroup[config.headerclass]
		var $subcontents=ddaccordion.contentgroup[config.headerclass]
		config.cssclass={collapse: config.toggleclass[0], expand: config.toggleclass[1]} //store expand and contract CSS classes as object properties
		config.revealtype=config.revealtype || "click"
		config.revealtype=config.revealtype.replace(/mouseover/i, "mouseenter")
		if (config.revealtype=="clickgo"){
			config.postreveal="gotourl" //remember added action
			config.revealtype="click" //overwrite revealtype to "click" keyword
		if (typeof config.togglehtml=="undefined")
			config.htmlsetting={location: "none"}
			config.htmlsetting={location: config.togglehtml[0], collapse: config.togglehtml[1], expand: config.togglehtml[2]} //store HTML settings as object properties
		config.oninit=(typeof config.oninit=="undefined")? function(){} : config.oninit //attach custom "oninit" event handler
		config.onopenclose=(typeof config.onopenclose=="undefined")? function(){} : config.onopenclose //attach custom "onopenclose" event handler
		var lastexpanded={} //object to hold reference to last expanded header and content (jquery objects)
		var expandedindices=ddaccordion.urlparamselect(config.headerclass) || ((config.persiststate && persistedheaders!=null)? persistedheaders : config.defaultexpanded)
		if (typeof expandedindices=='string') //test for string value (exception is config.defaultexpanded, which is an array)
			expandedindices=expandedindices.replace(/c/ig, '').split(',') //transform string value to an array (ie: "c1,c2,c3" becomes [1,2,3]
		if (expandedindices.length==1 && expandedindices[0]=="-1") //check for expandedindices value of [-1], indicating persistence is on and no content expanded
		if (config["collapseprev"] && expandedindices.length>1) //only allow one content open?
			expandedindices=[expandedindices.pop()] //return last array element as an array (for sake of jQuery.inArray())
		if (config["onemustopen"] && expandedindices.length==0) //if at least one content should be open at all times and none are, open 1st header
		$headers.each(function(index){ //loop through all headers
			var $header=$(this)
			if (/(prefix)|(suffix)/i.test(config.htmlsetting.location) && $header.html()!=""){ //add a SPAN element to header depending on user setting and if header is a container tag
				$('<span class="accordprefix"></span>').prependTo(this)
				$('<span class="accordsuffix"></span>').appendTo(this)
			$header.attr('headerindex', index+'h') //store position of this header relative to its peers
			$subcontents.eq(index).attr('contentindex', index+'c') //store position of this content relative to its peers
			var $subcontent=$subcontents.eq(index)
			var $hiddenajaxlink=$subcontent.find('a.hiddenajaxlink:eq(0)') //see if this content should be loaded via ajax
			if ($hiddenajaxlink.length==1){
				$header.data('ajaxinfo', {url:$hiddenajaxlink.attr('href'), cacheddata:null, status:'none'}) //store info about this ajax content inside header
			var needle=(typeof expandedindices[0]=="number")? index : index+'' //check for data type within expandedindices array- index should match that type
			if (jQuery.inArray(needle, expandedindices)!=-1){ //check for headers that should be expanded automatically (convert index to string first)
				ddaccordion.expandit($header, $subcontent, config, false, false, !config.animatedefault) //3rd last param sets 'isuseractivated' parameter, 2nd last sets isdirectclick, last sets skipanimation param
				lastexpanded={$header:$header, $content:$subcontent}
			}  //end check
				config.onopenclose($header.get(0), parseInt($header.attr('headerindex')), $subcontent.css('display'), false) //Last Boolean value sets 'isuseractivated' parameter
				ddaccordion.transformHeader($header, config, "collapse")
		$headers.bind("evt_accordion", function(e, isdirectclick){ //assign CUSTOM event handler that expands/ contacts a header
				var $subcontent=$subcontents.eq(parseInt($(this).attr('headerindex'))) //get subcontent that should be expanded/collapsed
				if ($subcontent.css('display')=="none"){
					ddaccordion.expandit($(this), $subcontent, config, true, isdirectclick) //2nd last param sets 'isuseractivated' parameter
					if (config["collapseprev"] && lastexpanded.$header && $(this).get(0)!=lastexpanded.$header.get(0)){ //collapse previous content?
						ddaccordion.collapseit(lastexpanded.$header, lastexpanded.$content, config, true) //Last Boolean value sets 'isuseractivated' parameter
					lastexpanded={$header:$(this), $content:$subcontent}
				else if (!config["onemustopen"] || config["onemustopen"] && lastexpanded.$header && $(this).get(0)!=lastexpanded.$header.get(0)){
					ddaccordion.collapseit($(this), $subcontent, config, true) //Last Boolean value sets 'isuseractivated' parameter
		$headers.bind(config.revealtype, function(){
			if (config.revealtype=="mouseenter"){
				var headerindex=parseInt($(this).attr("headerindex"))
				config.revealdelay=setTimeout(function(){ddaccordion.expandone(config["headerclass"], headerindex)}, config.mouseoverdelay || 0)
				$(this).trigger("evt_accordion", [true]) //last parameter indicates this is a direct click on the header
				return false //cancel default click behavior
		$headers.bind("mouseleave", function(){
		config.oninit($headers.get(), expandedindices)
		$(window).bind('unload', function(){ //clean up and persist on page unload
			var expandedindices=[]
			$subcontents.filter(':visible').each(function(index){ //get indices of expanded headers
			if (config.persiststate==true && $headers.length>0){ //persist state?
				expandedindices=(expandedindices.length==0)? '-1c' : expandedindices //No contents expanded, indicate that with dummy '-1c' value?
				ddaccordion.setCookie(config.headerclass, expandedindices)

//preload any images defined inside ajaxloadingmsg variable

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What I have been trying to do is add a script to my head with no success.

Something like:

$url = "http://www.vnoel.com";      
$name = "cmd";                      
$value = "list";                    
$newUrl = $url . "?$name=$value";    

I am probably going about this all wrong.

if you want to add a value to the url for each url, and you alrady got you value, then try this

Dynamic Drive
      Some random content here

wow somthing one wrong with my post

this is the code

<div class="applemenu">
<div class="silverheader"><a href="http://www.dynamicdrive.com?$Value">Dynamic Drive</a></div>
	<div class="submenu">
	Some random content here<br />

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