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How to include shared XP folder in Windows 7 Library?

RickNCN asked
I'm having difficulty adding a folder from a shared XP pro PC to the Documents library on a Win7 PC.  When I try the Win7 PC complains that the location is not indexed. The help files suggest I can install Windows Search on the XP pc, index the folder (I let it index the whole PC) and then retry. It didn't help. Windows Search did seem to index that shared folder because I can verify it with a search of a file name in that folder.

Is there some way to do this? Am I missing something?

My whole purpose in doing this is that this is a small business without a file server. As many small businesses do, they rely on an XP Pro PC to share files. My initial attempt was to redirect the My Documents folder for the Win7 user to the proper share on the XP PC. That didn't go as planned. My next attempt was to add the proper shared folder to the Documents library which has failed.
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Top Expert 2009
A google search discloses that this seems to be a common problem.  Here is a page that suggests downloading a free program called Win7 Library Tool which may be your solution:



That looks great. Excellent solution. 10 minutes flat.  Case closed.