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Dynamic Button Label

jforget1 asked
Is it possible to make the label that the user sees on the label for a button on an action dynamic. Have a button "User Active in Agency" Would like to see if we can pull in the Agency number. So it would then be "User Active in Agency 123"

I see that there is a formula popup in the Label section for the button. Have never used that, would that work in this case?
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You need to use a combination of hide-when to the button and the formula popup (never tried before).
The label formula will change the text the user sees on the button.
On a form or page there is no trick to make this work.
It is a little different if you want it to work on a view. If you want it to change each time a document is selected, there is a setting on the options tab of the view properties. Make sure the "Evaluate actions for every document change" is selected on the 2nd tab in the view properties. You can use @getviewinfo to get a column value on the selected line.