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Is it necessary for the users not to use Outlook when moving the mailbox from one server to another?

Seni asked
I have 2 Exchange server on my site one is relay email to the mail Exchange, now I want to move all users from second exchange (relay) to Mail Exchange, is it necessary to tell all users who use a relay exchange to shutoff their Outlook before I start move them?
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Solutions Architect
No there is no need for the users to logoff, they will be asked to restart outlook once move finished
As Akhater says there is no need for them to close outlook during the move because Outlook will tell them to restart outlook.

but as we all know users can be quite dumb sometimes and not do it.
For online non-cached users they will not be able to see any of their mail in any folders so that normally means that they restart outlook

For cached mode users they will only get the "restart outlook" message in their "Sync Issues" folder and will be able to see their mail and folders etc, but might not think anything is wrong so probably won't restart... This means their Outlook status goes from "All folders are up to date" to "this folder was last updated"

So to be honest I prefer to move mailboxes at night or tell the users to restart Outlook if I am moving their mailbox during the day


Working ok for me

Thanks for the update and the points