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Exchange 2007 SCR operating system requirement

rstorm1 asked
Looking to implement Standby Continous Replication at a remote site.  We are running Exchange 2007 on Server 2003 Standard R2 64 Bit.  Does the backup site have to be identical in operating system requirements?  Specifically, do we need to run a 64 Bit version there or will a 32 Bit version work?
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Solutions Architect
I don't have a first hand experience on mixing exchange 2007 64 with 32 bits. I have to add I have never installed exchange 2007 32 bits in production environment since it is not supported.

However I would be tempted to say it should work but, again, I don't advise you to do it


Okay, sounds like good advice.  After also talking with Microsoft, decided that using 64 bit OS is the best way to go, since Exchange 07 only comes in 64 bit.