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terminal server and citrix client - really bad performance


We are having problems with one environment based on windows terminal servers that open citrix sessions againts unix servers with citrix presentation server 4.0.

This is the case... the client access to the terminal server (Windows 2003 R2) and the open a citrix session against a unix server (Solaris 10 & Citrix presentation server 4.0). The terminal server has the last citrix client and we use an application called citrix quicklaunch to configure the session. We use JDS (Java Desktop System) in the unix environment.

The problem starts with the refresh of the citrix windows... is really, really slow, and later the terminal server starts to go slow or unmanageable...

We have tried to connect to the citrix servers directly and works really good... but we need to offer this service via terminal server... we don't know where is the problem or if we can configure the RDP to improve the behavior... We have configured a windows 2008 R2 server as terminal server and the response is better, but not a lot... this gives us a clue... it seems that the problem is on the RDP... ¿¿??

thanks in advanced.
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I have seen some Java apps with terrible screen refresh issues when over RDP and that may be exactly the case here.
The main question is, what prevents you from connecting directly over ICA to the Citrix Servers? As you tested, performance is MUCH better and you do NOT add an extra layer to the connection.

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP
Take a look at this thread.

For some people by restricting the color to 15-bit seemed to help and by using a specific setting on the Java end also helped.

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP


We have change the jde to cde and the response is better.