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Windows XP64 FTP stops before finishing on larger files

Grizzler asked
Two virtually Identical machines...XP64... Settings the same for Widows FTP.... Use Passive FTP checked in advanced internet options. One machines downloads fine. Other machine gives "an error occurred while copying the file. the operation timed out" on the last 10 seconds only on larger files. My 32 bit XP machine downloads fine. I have Googled and not found solution to date. Any suggestions? (besides use another client) I want to know why it doesn't work on one machine but does on another....
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IT Professional
In Windows XP 64 I have had the same problem.  The only was i was able to fix it is to use a different client like CuteFTP.  I know that isnt the answer you wanted to hear, but thats what I had to do. The 64 bit operating system conflicts with many programs because of the infrastructure of the software. You can try running the ftp software in compatibility mode, but I doubt that will work.   Im sorry I cant give you a better answer.


I appreciate the input.... I am trying to figure out why it works on one 64bit machine and not the other.... BTW I have been told (not tested myself) that cuteFTP also has same issue....
MikeIT Professional

I never had an issue with CuteFTP and x64

My mistake, I didnt realize you had 2 x64 machines, one of which works, and one which doesnt.  And in addition, you have a 32bit machine as well.

In that case, have you tried switching the machines around to see if it might be the cable?


Didn't necessarily solve issue... But thanks for trying