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Exchange 2003 - 2007 Outlook Web Access link


I currently have 2 exchange servers, one 2003 which is the old one, and one 2007 that is a temporary exchange until we reconfigure the 2003 with 2007. The issue we are experiencing is with Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync.

I have mailboxes on both servers, I can transfer those from one to the other without any issues, both servers talk to each other perfectly. When I go to the owa website, it is the 2003 by default, and will be until everything is ready for the 2007. It works great for mailboxes on the 2003, but it does not for those on the 2007. Actually it does, but only on the internal network, as it redirects to the internal DNS name of the server.

Here's an exemple:

From the Internet:

https://exchange.companyname.com --> it works and goes to our exchange 2003, we can access the 2003 mailboxes from there without any issues

If we try to access a 2007 mailbox from that same website it redirects us to the OWA on the 2007 BUT not the right name


It should redirect to:


If we access the owa 2003 from the internal company network for a 2007 box it works, it redirects the computer to the server name, and as it can be resolved we get the 2007 interface.

Is there a way to customize the link where exchange 2003 forwards us if the box is a 2007 server?
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Justin OwensITIL Problem Manager

Yes, but you have to have a "Front End" server, which cannot contain mailboxes in Exchange 2003.  You will need to manually set the active sync to the correct URL (Which points to the Exchange 2007 server) on those who have a mailbox on the 2007 server.


Ok, so if a front end server is not a solution, since this is only temporary, we can't do anything else that ask those whose mailboxes are on the new server to go to the new address?
ITIL Problem Manager
That is correct.