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Truncate/shrink log file with CDC Enabled (SQL Server 2008)

I have a database on SQL2008 enabled with CDC. But the log file has gotten way too big and has filled up my disk. I need to truncate it somehow (I've captured the data so I don't the info in it or anything - I just need it truncated). I disabled CDC on both the tables and the database and have no open transactions

I've tried SHRINKDATABASE, SHRINKFILE, And even the tool in SSMS to try to release everything in it. No matter what I do - the log file doesn't change size.

Do you have any clue how I can truncate/shrink it? I just need to as small as it can be so I can start logging again.

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Have you tried detaching the database, rename (don't delete, just yet) the log file, and re-attaching? It should create a default (empty) log file.
If all works, you should be able to delete the old log file.


ah ha! that worked!

thank you so much! :)