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DNS & 123-reg : why want my website display over the internet

Smithers1041 asked
I recently bought the domain sw-solutions.co.uk at 123 reg. Since then I have built myself a mini home network using Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain Modal. My main server is called Jupiter and is running DNS, DHCP and Active Directory I have also put a webserver on for testing purposes. When I am on the local network and type in www.sw-solutions.co.uk I get my website (IIS7 MS Default) try it externally (ie : the internet) and I get “Server Not Found”

Bit more about my configuration
Pipex Biasness Broadband with a 1 static IP Address:

THOMSON TG585 v7 Router configured with
•      External IP Address:
•      Internal IP
•      Primary DNS:
•      Secondary DNS:


2x Network Ports &

DNS Config

Forward Zone called sw-solutions.co.uk

SOA - Created by Windows ([45],jupiter.sw-solutions.co.uk.)
NS - Created by Windows (jupiter.sw-solutions.co.uk.)
A - Created by Windows ([192.168.120][jupiter.sw-solutions.co.uk.])
A - Created by Windows ([192.168.121][jupiter.sw-solutions.co.uk.])
CNAME – I Added ([www] [Jupiter.sw-solutions.co.uk.])

Any Ideas?

intresting thing when i look at the dns records using a who.is on sw-solutions : it says the dns servers are still is ns.123-reg.co.uk & ns2.123-reg.co.uk not jupiter.sw-solutions.co.uk
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A few things to check.

Go to http://www.whatismyip.org.  It will tell you your external IP address. Verify it is your external address of

Write back here it it is not.

Log onto 123 reg and check for domain tools or DNS edit. Point your DNS settings for all(*)  to

You'll probably want to delete that cname ([www] [Jupiter.sw-solutions.co.uk.] too. It looks to be configured wrong.

It takes 1 - 24 hours for your changes to take effect. you'll also need to forward port 80 on the outside of your firewall to your internal IP address of your server or which ever port your IIS is using for web pages.
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Good morning,

A few little notes:

Jupiter *must* only be referenced by its public IP if you expect it to act as a public name server.

This is not a valid DNS record set for public use:

A - Created by Windows ([192.168.121][jupiter.sw-solutions.co.uk.])
CNAME – I Added ([www] [Jupiter.sw-solutions.co.uk.])

192.168.x.x is a private IP range and cannot be used over the Internet.

Considering that DNS changes take time, is your external IP a static IP?

Given that AD DNS really doesn't play well as a public DNS server, I urge you not to move DNS hosting onto your server at home.

By all means create public www records and point them to your public IP, but moving DNS around is a harder option.