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Power failures with VMware ESXi

zequestioner asked
Hello Experts!

We are running VMware ESXii currently with only a single vm (win2k3) and when there is a power failure and the power is restored, the physical host comes back online, but i have to manually log into Vsphere to power on the VM.

Is there any way to do this automatically or to make the vm's more resilient to power failures.
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Yes, log into the vmware client and click on the server

Go to the configuration tab

On the left hand side at the bottom you will see the Virtual Machine startup/shutdown options

In there you can change the order of the machine to automatically restart when the host starts.

Or get a UPS :)



Thanks a ton.. btw, we do have a UPS, but we're a small shop and only have about 10 minutes of battery time which doesn't help for power outages that last over an hour...

Thanks again!