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Exchange 2010 Database Availability Groups

nocalerts asked
I'm going to be implementing exchange 2010 soon. I want to setup a redundant email server. Can I be running Exchange 2010 standard on the backup box (on Windows 2008 std 64bit)? My primary server will be a 2010 enterprise box. I'm not looking for active/active, just a hot spare. Some stuff I read just says the Windows 2008 needs to be Enterprise (I get that since it uses windows clustering). But some says you have to have Exchange Enterprise and some does not specify that.


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In the following article is clearly defined that mixed solutions (Standard and Enterprise) are possible (check the Software Requirements section):


you os has to be a enterprise version because you need the failoverservice of the server, which is only in the enterprise. But you can take a standard edition of the exchange only to a limit of databases.

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I hgave written an article here on Database Availability Groups: http://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/Software/Server_Software/Email_Servers/Exchange/High-Availability-Exchange-2010.html

Windows server MUST be the enterprise version however Exchange CAN just be the Standard version.  This is explained in my article.


Cool...I know you need Enterprise Windows for the clustering, it was just unclear from all the doc I was reading if you needed both servers to be Enterprise Exchange...so I guess I have to keep myself below the # of data stores on the Enterprise to replicate to the Standard (five data stores, I think)?
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There is no such thing as a storage group on Exchange 2010, each Exchange Server can house 100 databases.