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Users cannot acces Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server "Requesting data from Microsot Exchange Server"

Holguer asked
We have an Exchange server 2003  SP2, users cannot retrieve email from the server.
The information store was full, reached the 18GB limit. We expanded the data base, check for consistensy issues, and defragmented. Everithing is clean but users can not get their email.
We check the event viewer on the server and  found  under application   POP3SVC error with a red X  (Error 0x8004050a occurred while rendering message 0005-0000002b040f for download for user xxx@donmain.com. ), Event ID 3014 Server activeSync error (The Exchange mailbox Server: [server name.domain.com] has reached its timeout threshold. The mailbox server will be protected from new requests for [60] seconds. ), and  Server ActiveSync warning ID 3007 (Exchange mailbox Server response timeout: Server: [server name.domain.com] User: [user@domain.com]. Exchange ActiveSync Server failed to communicate with the Exchange mailbox server in a timely manner. Verify that the Exchange mailbox Server is working correctly and is not overloaded.  )

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Did you try a reboot which will refresh the exchange services?


Yes I rebooted the server
Found Anti spam tool was keeing users from connecting to server

I am having the exact issue, with the exact same event ID's all at once. Please could you go into more detail on the solution, as this accepted solution doesn't give me any information.