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Services on Exchange 2003 to restart instead of rebooting the server

tdisalvo asked
We have an exchange server that is having problems seeing the gobble catalog.  We have rebooted the GC server and it has not been resolved.  I do not want to reboot exchange if we do not have to.  What services in what order should I restart in order to fix this issue.  

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Exchange Information Store is the most important service which needs to be restarted
I would suggest stop and then start not restart
I have come across this issue before that restarting doesn't fix the issue. I had to stop and then start

Still recommend restarting the server would be the best option

Restart the System Attendant Service. This will also restart the Information Store Service. Then check from the ESM -> Server ->  -> Properties -> Directory Service Tab.

Check and see if the GC is been listed here.

Also check from the Application Log for Event ID 2080. See if it showing the DC as GC capable.
You need to increase your diagnostic logging for the 2080 event mentioned above to show:

ESM-->Properties on your Exchange server-->Diagnostics Logging-->MSExchangeDSAccess-->Topology-->Medium-->Apply

Then wait 15 minutes and you should see a 2080 event which lists which DC/GCs Exchange can see and will/won't use

Exchange looks every 15 minutes for GC/DCs to use so you should not have to restart the Exchange services.
For more info see this article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/316300/
Shibu KuttanSenior Server Administrator


In general Exchange automatically discover GC.
 If GC is not showing Directory Service Tab, you can possible to manually select the GC

Follow the below steps to manually select GC
Go to Exchange System Management (ESM)
Right-click the server and select Properties.
 Select the Directory Access tab.
 From the Show drop-down list, select Global Catalog Servers.
 Clear the "Automatically discover servers" check box.
 Click Yes in the confirmation box.
 Click Add.
 Enter the name of the GC to use.
 Click OK.

If you are getting any issue once restart System Attendant services.

Before manually add the GC, first make sure the communication between Exchange and GC is fine.
You can check this by “ping GCname” .

Microsoft recommends that you don't manually set the GC that Exchange Server uses; therefore, you should manually set the GC, only when it's absolutely necessary.