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Roaming profiles and DFS replication

kblackwel asked
Currently I have a file server. It contains all the profile directories. So, when someone logs into a terminal server, folder redirection loads the users home and profile folders from a DFS share.

Well, that san it slow, so we want to move it to faster disks.

A thought a co worker had was setting up replication between the servers. That seems to be straight forward. The problem we have is...

When a user logs in, it currently pulls from namespace A. If I set up replication, I have namespace A and B. How can i disable profiles loading from namespace A untill were ready to turn off namespace A and have everyone pull from namespace B.

I see something about Override referral ordering, but not sure if that's the solution.

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What you could do is set a Deny permission on namespace A for the people that have already been moved to namespaceB.