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how to install and configure new GPFS cluster in AIX LPAR Workload environement?

how to install and configure new GPFS cluster in AIX LPAR Workload environement?d do anybody have document for it.
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Ok, now let's look at this one.

Do you really run Workload Partitions?  Or are you talking about normal LPARs?

I think Workload Partitions would make little sense wit GPFS, even VIO attached LPARs are IMHO suboptimal, because FC/Network adapters have to be shared, so a possible performace gain from GPFS would get somewhat ruined.

You're certainly aware that you'll need at least three nodes for a GPFS cluster to work as designed? OK, you can configure tiebreaker disks to overcome this, but again, under redundancy and performance aspects it's not optimal.

Here is IBM's GPFS library:


and this is the GPFS developerWorks wiki, containing info and links to all of GPFS (nearly):


Your question covers too wide a subject to elaborate in one single comment.

Please be more specific, so I could really assist you!

(I'll have to leave for a while, will be back in an hour or two)


Our project has provided one Lpar . Two workloads are sitting on this lpar. They are asking us to configure one new GPFS setup
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I think you will have to describe your requirements a bit more detailed!
- What are you going to use GPFS for? As far as I know, Live Application Mobility is not (yet) supported with GPFS, only NFS and SAN (since WPAR manager 2.1, AIX 6.1 TL4).
- If you have an existing GPFS cluster and only want to add your new WPARs to this cluster, just install GPFS at the WPARs and configure it accordingly. The WPARs can access GPFS resources via network or SAN, subject to configuration.  
To use SAN, you will have to build the type of configuration, in which the WPAR root filesystems reside within a SAN disk, which is also referred to as "WPAR-owned rootvg".
- If the WPARs are planned to form a new GPFS cluster, please keep in mind that you will have to configure a set of tiebreaker disks to circumvent the requirement for a third node (or simply set up a third WPAR).
Or are you aiming at quite a different goal? Please explain!


Hi woolmilkporkji

Here workload is not wpar. workload is specific to our banking domain. We have installed and configured as per our local build guide database