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Mailbox restore with Backup Exec 10 creates folders in another language

Sunny-Brussels asked
2 Exchange 2003 servers, one with a corrupt store, host mailboxes from several countries in Europe.

We cannot move the mailboxes the 'normal' way so we are having to painstakingly backup each mailbox with Backup Exec and restore to the new server.

We are seeing new folders recreated in Outlook, i.e. Inbox, Sent Items, Contacts, Calendar etc in another language.

These new translated folders names are now used as default and the old English folder names are left and becomes frozen with the old mail inside, new items arrive in the newly created folders. Most of the ‘frozen’ folders can be deleted, but not Contacts or Calendar.

This is random and not down to Regional Settings, we have tested. We have no idea why this happens.

After starting Outlook with the /resetfolders switch we see that the inbox will get renamed (we copied the mail across first) but the rest of the folders remain. We c

This is driving us crazy, we have 1500 mailboxes to migrate and this is a definite show stopper.

Any input and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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We had this similar issue where we had to move restore mail box on different server
We restored  edb file from backup and used following software
It helps exporting directly to user mailbox
Its quite efficient

Iamthecreator OMIT/EE Solution Guide

Mail items are not displayed in the e-mail client after a successful brick-level  restore


Had to manually move the mailboxes, there was no solution.