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SBS 2003 remove second storage groups

kirk_lesser asked
So I inherited an SBS server from an IT guy that disappeared. For whatever reason, there are two Administrative groups. One is: Exchange Administrative Group with Server2. Nothing is on it. The other is first administrative group with a server named Server and it has all of the mailboxes.

I have removed storage groups before in regular Exchange 2003, but this is the first (and hopefully) last time I have seen it on SBS 2003. Are there any precautions on doing the operations on it? The backup software (Retrospect) sees only one storage group, which just happens to be the one with nothing on it, so I am riding a fine line if something goes wrong.

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AND yes, in the DNS, this Server2 shows up as an old DC. I know how to remove old DCs that have not been demoted, but just need to double check on the Exchange side of things in SBS.
Sr IT Support Engineer
You should not have any issues regarding the storage group.
The Exchange Administrative Group is for Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010. This could be because of a failed installation of Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010. When you use the Backup Software to take the Backup does it display the your SBS 2003 Server on it. If not you can also try the NTBackup to take Backup of the Exchange Server & and see if that is successful.