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Price List / Price Level

We are using CRM 4.0 and have several locations.  Each location represents a business unit or a site under a business unit. I am looking for a way to limit what a users sees as Price List Items when they open a product.  (The price list items are locations)

To limit what a user sees, I am looking for a way to:
1) capture the user logged in and their business unit
2) compare to Price List Item locations (business units)
3) show only price list items in their business unit range

Thanks for any help - even a link to post or site.

I have placed this under ASP.NET zones and development because I am assuming it will require more than a client side javascript that runs onload.  If that can work, let me know.

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Create a view which joins the price items table to the other necessary data allowing the join criteria for a given user to limit the rows returned. Then let the users query the view rather than the base price table.
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Well, price list is not really customisable despite the fact that it says it is... There is a way around it, but be warned, you are making something customisable that isnt (despite saying it is) and *might* have impacts down the track... (would not worry me too much :) but would double check in subsequent releases / upgrades )

Have a read of : http://www.focaya.com/blog/?p=73

Or if you prefer to "roll your own" filtered lookups then have a read of : http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en/crmdevelopment/thread/3f6c8c3d-73a7-4601-98a3-f72cc4c7ea9b

There should also be links in CRM doco for creating your own lookups.


Mark - thanks for the post. I saw the focaya post and it looks interesting but I think I will start with the filtered lookup approach.
This is very helpful.