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AOL Instant Messenger - "Show IM Archive" not working since upgrade of AOL IM

AprilW5 asked
Lately I upgraded my work pc's AOL Instant Messenger from version 6 to (on
Windows XP Pro 2002 SP3. ) I tried to look at the chat log one day & received: "No AIM conversations have been archived. YOu may want to check that you have turnned on the IM Archive setting."

I checked the AOL Settings, tab: IM Archives>> "IM Archives" and "Archive Chats" were both checked/selected. I checked the file location and saw my old chat archive logs there but no new ones.

I unchecked them. Logged out of IM & back in, & then I reselected the IM Archive settings= same results. Next I chose a new file location for the archive logs= didn't work either. Any ideas?
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Top Expert 2006
Try a reinstall.  There were some problems with 7.2.  I would recommend you go to AIM  It is the current version.  Download ans install it from http://products.aim.com/windows


I will try that tomorrow & report back on how it goes. Thanks!


That did the job!!