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2008 64 bit server with SQL running at 95% memory

We have a 2008 64 bit server running SQL that will consume 95% of available RAM.  We recently increased the physical ram by 4 GB, and it jumped back up to 95% utilization.  The server has 16gb of ram currently.  When checking with our DBA, he mentioned this..

"First the MAX and MIN memory has already been configured; been that way since the server came up.Currently, SQL is set to use just over 8.8 GB as a MAX and just under 1 GB as the MIN. My monitoring tool is confirming this is the case."

I ran some of the server diags included in 2008 and it is reporting that the sql service has a commit level of 17 gb.   Does that explain the high RAM utilization?  Is the system reserving 17gb of RAM for SQL even though the min and max memory has been set?

Please help me understand this.


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That sounds similar to what I am experiencing, but our DB has already set the min and max memory for SQL..  

read this

The max memory size, only limits the buffer size.  The other applications, SSIS, DTS, Agent, Sqlsrv.exe all have their own memory allocation.

A high commit level doesn't have a direct relationship with RAM usage. In this case sqlservr has only about 182MB in it's working set. The commit level means that this amount of virtual address space has been reserved but is not necessarily in use, but might possibly used it at some later time. This is a common practice. This means to the OS that it must have some place to put this data if the app actually were to use the space allocated. This means either RAM or the pagefile. Neither RAM or space in the pagefile is reserved until it is actually needed.

Could you post a screenshot of Task Manager performance tab?


Here is the Task Manager Perf.


after set the max memory sql server is restarted?


We did restart it a few days ago.  The DBA said he set the max memory weeks ago.  

you frequently back up or restore a database in Microsoft SQL Server 2008

you frequently back up or restore a database in Microsoft SQL Server 2008?

read this :

this article also helpful

and note :
once committed the memory will not be release back to the operating system unless the server gets into memory pressure.
Seems like the lock pages in memory right is being given to the account that you are using to run the SQL. This means that AWE is enabled and although the working set of sqlservr.exe is less the rest of the physical memory is being used for SQL buffer pools, so when you have this right enabled the SQL data will never be paged into the page file and will stay in the RAM all the time. this improves SQL performance but you might see problems with the OS.

Check if the SQL server account is added in the following group policy setting:
Go to start > run > type in Gpedit.msc on the SQL server
Go to Computer configuration > Windows settings > security settings > Local policies > user right assignments > Lock pages in memory