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Microsoft CRM 3.0

I recently just built an Exchange 2010 server.  We currently have a low level Microsoft CRM server that we use only for group calendars.  I have never used CRM before, so I am trying to figure out how to not break it!  Basically, how can I make the existing CRM talk with the new Exchange server?  For instance, do I have to move the CRM mailboxes, repoint anything, email handler?

Any help would be apprecaited =)
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Principal Consultant
In CRM 3.0 the Dynamics CRM E-mail Router is used to manage e-mails.  The Version 3.0 E-mail Router does not work with Exchange 2010.

If upgrading to version 4.0 CRM is an option I strongly recommend that you take it.


Thanks for the insight.  I have been looking everywhere for the 2010 to 3.0 compatibility too.  Thanks so much for the help!