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Costco Computers - Video Card Comparison

osubvr asked

I'm planning to buy a new desktop computer from Costco.  I've narrowed it down to two different pc's, and the only real difference is the video card.  I do play some 3d games (wow mainly), so I'd like to know which is the best card of the two.  They are:

1GB ATI Radeon HD5670 GDDR5
1.8GB NVIDIA Geforce GTX 260

Which is best?
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Both of these cards will work with WOW. I would recommend the NVIDIA because I have had better luck with them. The additional memory of course is huge also.

If you look at the spec sheets the NVIDIA edges out the ATI.

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The GTX 260 is a substantially better card than the HD 2670.

The key difference in gaming performance is the 3D acceleration capabilities of the cards.    The  HD 5670 scores 1165 on PassMark's G3D Mark ... an excellent measure of graphics capabilities for 3D graphics cards.     The GTX 260 scores 1702 -- almost 50% more than the HD 5670.

the 260 will also future proof yourself a little regard wow, the upcomming expansion will have no problem whatso ever running and indeed as the other experts have said the 260 seems the superior card in this case, will also play any other current game on the market with most if not all video settings maxed out.