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Java doesn't appear on add/remove programs list

elorc asked
Java is definitely installed on this system and in the past has worked fine. I have the following folders in my Program Files\Java folder:


I can't find it under my Add/Remove Programs list, however, and if I try to upgrade or install the newest version of Java I get an error that says "To restart the Java installer, please refresh the web page."  I tried the manual/offline installers and when I run them, nothing happens at all: the process briefly appears in Task Manager and then immediately disappears.

I'm not sure what's going on but it's really getting annoying. This is on a Windows XP SP 2 machine.
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Try using MS cleanup tool to remove the old java installs and then install a fresh copy.


Removal instructions:

    * Download the Microsoft Installer Clean Up utility file and save it on your desktop
    * Double click on executable file. The installation process will start. Follow the instructions accordingly
    * Once installation process is over, go to Start -> All Programs -> Run Windows Install Clean Up utility
    * This will launch the Windows Installer Clean Up utility dialog box
    * Under the Installed products list, select the desired Java version that you want to remove
    * Click Remove and Exit


I've tried this. The list shows no entries for Java.
Here is an update/removal tool that might be able to pick up on and remove the old stuff.


tool is JavaRa download and extract the zip file.
Here is a batch file that will uninstall any signs of Java on the commputer.

Open Notepad and place the code below in the text box.  Save as cleanjava.bat Run this script and it delete all Java installations.

@echo off & cls
Rem List all Installation subkeys from uninstall key.
echo Searching Registry for Java Installs
for /f %%I in ('reg query HKLM\SOFTWARE\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall') do echo %%I | find "{" > nul && call :All-Installations %%I
echo Search Complete..
goto :EOF
Rem Filter out all but the Sun Installations
for /f "tokens=2*" %%T in ('reg query %1 /v Publisher 2^> nul') do echo %%U | find "Sun" > nul && call :Sun-Installations %1
goto :EOF
Rem Filter out all but the Sun-Java Installations. Note the tilda + n, which drops all the subkeys from the path
for /f "tokens=2*" %%T in ('reg query %1 /v DisplayName 2^> nul') do echo . Uninstalling - %%U: | find "Java" && call :Sun-Java-Installs %~n1
goto :EOF
Rem Run Uninstaller for the installation
MsiExec.exe /x%1 /qb
echo . Uninstall Complete, Resuming Search..
goto :EOF

Open in new window


This makes absolutely no sense. So I ran JavaRa, cleared out prior versions. I also removed the startup stuff through the additional tasks section. Rebooted, tried the install again, but I experienced the same issue. Ok, so I run JavaRa again. This time, according to the logs, it finds nothing further to remove. So next I tried running vwilliams88's script. It ran successfully but it never hit the "Uninstallation Complete" part, so it appears to have not found anything.

I opened JavaRa back up and had it check the Java version on my system. It popped up a message box that said...

    Java JRE version:

I then went into Control Panel and tried opening the Java control panel. It gives me an error that says, "The system cannot find the registry key specified: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\1.6.0_03"

Also, under Program Files I do see a Java folder with the following subfolders:


I still can't run the online installer, offline installer, or upgrade through jucheck.exe. I'm still getting the "To restart the Java installer, please refresh the web page." message. I don't believe my version is up to date so I'm not sure why Java is acting up on me.

On the bright side, I CAN run one of the Java applets (Cisco ASDM). The other one is complaining that I need Java Plug-in 1.4.2 or higher... not sure what's up with that, or any of this Java nonsense to be honest. It just started acting up out of nowhere. Nothing on this PC was changed. :|
Have you tried a regedit and searched for Java installations?  Also in Control Panel do you have the Java Control Panel?  In the Java Control Panel you can delete the temporary java files from the system.


As mentioned before, the Java Control Panel is installed but does not open. It throws an error when I try to open it. Java appears to be installed at least somewhat correctly because the ASDM launches.
I'm just going to rebuild this XP machine. Something is obviously messed up with the Java installation and I can't seem to fix it.