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Event ID 5010 - WAS - IIS "A Process application pool, failed to respond to a ping"

RLComputing asked
I am running a Windows Web Server 2008 (64bit) amd IIS 6.0. Every night around the same time, out event logs fill up with these warnings from Event ID 5010: "A process serving application pool XXX failed to respond to a ping."

We have a 24/7 Monitor on the web server and the server also does not respond to ping requests at the same time as these warning are showing up in the Event viewer.  

Any idea what is causing this and how to resolve it? Thanks
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Tray896SharePoint Engineer

If the server isn't even responding to an IP ping then I would guess you have something going on that is causing the system to lose connectivity.  If it only happens at night, then I'd suspect the most likely causes are either backups or virus scanning.
Not sure what the problem was. I restarted IIS and it took care of the event errors.