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After Disabling mailbox, where does it go?

BryceRichert asked
This is an Exchange 2007 server.

After I disabled a mailbox, where does it go? It's not showing up under Disconnected Mailboxes. I want to enable the same mailbox for a different user.

Here what I did:

For User A, I right clicked the name and chose "disable". I thought I could make a new account and then reassociate this email account with the new name, but I can't find it now.
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Did you disable the account or delete.
When you delete an account Exchange marks it for deletion and it clears account after Exchange performs its schedule maintenance
If you disable account you should be able to find it
but it looks like you have deleted the account

Alan HardistyCo-Owner
Top Expert 2011

If you run the following from the Exchange Command Shell:
clean-mailboxdatabase "Database Name"
The mailbox should appear under Recipient Configuration> Disconnected Mailbox.
From there - you can either reconnect it to another mailbox or it will get removed eventually.


I have a 2003 environment with Exchange 2007.
I have a user named alanjo. We need to change his username and email to alanj (taking off the 'o') This needs to affect both the username on the account, the email address and the Display name.

What is the  easiest way to go about this? I can't just go into properties and change his alias to alanj from alanjo... it doesn't appear that siimple.


(I might need to retitle this question)
Alan HardistyCo-Owner
Top Expert 2011

No problems.  Renaming an account is not the best idea.  I would create a new account and set him up properly.

If you have all the old emails in a .pst file, you can import the mail into the new account.  Make sure you add an alias email address for the old email address or the people who send to alanjo will bounce.
You can go to the properties of that user from Exchange Management Console and then change the name. If the user mailbox is in Exchange 2007 the Email Address would also be changed accordingly.
I agree with you , Title of this question should be changed

I have come across this issue where I had to change the Surname for a user
Setup was AD 2003 with Exchange 2007
Following are the steps I followed
1. In Exchange Management Console I Right Click the User and Rename and Changed the Surname
2. Made sure the exchange alias points to the correct surname
3. Also made sure the account name or sAm name has the correct surname
4. Because I was using Terminal Server I had to setup the profile again but nothing happened to email. They were all intact
I have not had issues with regarding name change

Hope this helps