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dofollow blogs and forums - content: surgery, hypnosis


Could you guys help me find some dofollow blogs and forums in the area of surgery and hypnosis

Looking for as many as possible

High pagerank is the best, but we're looking for all pageranks.

We're looking to build backlinks.
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I would use something like Comment Kahuna

Alternatively there are tools like scrapebox that can automate things, though I wouldn't suggest that for money sites as it is relatively high risk.

Market Samurai also has a link building module which can find blogs and forums on various topics pretty well.

Most dofollow search engines are pretty useless


This looks good.

How do I install comment kahuna on a mac?

Or on virtual windows?

So far I simply have the file commentkahuna.msi
Yes it would have to be virtual windows of one kind or another - I know the authors pretty well

Market Samurai is actually a product I was offered for free as the authors have subscribed to my blog for years, but payed for anyway, then I have another copy free as part of another membership.
It runs on a Mac as it is an AIR app.


Thank you so much AndyBeard.

Is all of the blogs/forums found by Comment Kahuna dofollo?

Thanks again.


BTW: It's working fine on my Virtual Windows, I had to install the .NET framework.
The problem you will find is that some blogs are dofollow, but only after a certain number of comments, and others might look like dofollow, no nofollow link visible to something like a toolbar highlighting using CSS, but when you look at the code the link is in javascript.

Use a tool for disovery, check out he sites carefull, become part of their community and build a relationship with the blog owner over time.

Spamming 1000s of comments does work but has a risk attached both with Google and reputation.