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Visual Studio 2010 - Zoom

tampsystems asked
Is it possible to change the default zoom level in Visual Studio 2010?  Currently it defaults to 100% and I am constantly changing it to 75%.  If so how?
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MSDN. What's New in the Visual Studio 2010 Editor
"In any code editing window or text editing window, you can quickly zoom in or out by pressing and holding the CTRL key and moving the scroll wheel on the mouse."

You can try to open the studio without any solution and play with the toolbars, other GUI stuff. Then close the studio. Now studio is supposed to remember everything. But, probably, not the zoom - everybody is happy with the current implementation.

You can change the font size - so you will more text like with 75% of zoom.


i changed the font size to 8, there should be a feature to change the default zoom.