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Adding a hard disk drive to a Lotus Notes 6.5.6 server

The server has a new HDD.  How can we reference it on the Lotus Notes Server?  We can see that it is installed on the Administrator client, but how can we access it from Lotus, as a new storage resource?  Also, I cannot see the \mail folder in Lotus Administrator client.
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Well the only way to access it thru the Lotus Notes is to use directory linking feature.



I am not sure what kind of setup you have for your domino server. And whats your old HDD and new HDD sizes are.

Otherway round is to bring down the domino, copy all the data to the new hdd. go to disk management, assign the current drive letter to the new drive. start your domino server

   Hi there Enrique,,,,

I just have few questions about this case :

- How many Logical Drives do you have on the server e.g.  C, D, and E ????
- On the IBM Domino Administrator do the following
    - Click the " File " tab
    - on the left side click the " Disk Space"
    - How many Disks are you able to see over there ????
- Why do you still use LN 6.5.6 ??? Arent you planning to upgrade it to LN8.5.X
- Did you restart the server after replacing the HDD ???

What I really suggest initially is to do the following :
- Backup all your data e.g. all ID files , NSF files and the Notes.ini
- Uninstall Lotus Notes 6.5.6 then reinstall it (LN6.5.6) and I suggest during the installation to put the all the databases on newly installed HDD .

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Hello.  LN 6.5.6 will be phased out in less than a year.  
We installed a new HDD to have two applications there only.  

Yes, we restarted the server.
Yes, we can see that the HDD is visible with a logical drive assigned.


Just to make sure that Lotus can have more than one directory, right?  We will use that HDD with one logical drive assigned to have only that directory for Lotus.  Please assist.

Please refer to my previous comment and read the part related to uninstalling LN6.5.6 and reinstalling it ...


Not an option in this case.  :-(