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What is the Outlook 2007 Equivalent of Lotus Notes' "Send and File" command?

We recently moved from Lotus Notes 6.5 to Outlook 2007.  We are trying to preserve as much of the functionality that our users expect.  One question that has come up is "How can I do a "Send and Save" like I used to be able to do in Notes?"

So far, I have not been able to figure this one out.  

If such a command does not exist, has anyone found an alternative or workaround?  I have some very heavy mail users, and they need to be able to keep emails and replies together.
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Unfortunately, there is no setting for this in outlook. Probably achievable through rules and filters.

There is addons that will do this though.

here is one: http://www.claritude.com/products/sf/speedfiler-addin.htm


Yes, we were aware of the add-ons; trying to avoid that if possible.  

Do you know of anyone who has done this through rules and filters?

I can't believe we're the only ones moved over from Notes who didn't miss this feature! <G>
I have never seen it in action in an outlook environment, you can set custom rules to file it in certain folders when sent to a certain person or distribution, it's really just not the same.


This is more of a "workaround" than a solution, but it's the best available and I do thank gintu01 for the quick response.