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Windows Server 2008 Serial Modem

We have a modem attached to serial port on server running Windows 2008 the modem stopped working.  We have uninstalled the modem and have gotton a new one.  Windows does not reconize anything on that serial port now.  Is there a AT command or something that will release what I think is a port reservation causing that port to be locked down.  I have gone through registry and can find nothing for serial port other than standard windows settings.

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Top Expert 2012

You have rebooted the server with the new modem plugged in, right?


Yes one of the first things we did.
Top Expert 2012

Is the modem supported for the Windows 2008 server?

Have you tried a different COM port?

Have you installed the COM port?

To test or get the modem to connect you must reboot the server.
It was system board