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Mass Mailing in Exchange 2007

fgarufijr asked
A little background... We are a high school, we are currently using Exchange 2007 with Outlook 2007.

The boss came to me today and said he needs a better way to mass e-mail students. Students DONT have exchange accounts, but what I've done for him is create groups in his Outlook contacts. I've broken the groups down by Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Seniors. This has worked well when he needs to e-mail everyone in those groups. The problem comes in when he needs only a handful out of each group. There isn't an easy way for him to just go in and place check marks next to the e-mails he wants to send out too.

Can anyone offer ideas or add-on products that will make it easy for him to send out mail to users who might already be in a group, but only wants a handful of those users???
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BusbarSolutions Architect

I don't hink http://www.xobni.com/ will help but might be what you are looking for
other than this don't think that there is a simple one
Although Xobni looks interesting, it unfortunately doesn't meet the requirements.