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Exchange - Error Deleting Mailbox Store - One or more users...

fraunkd asked
I have moved mailboxes from one store to another and now want to delete the old store.  When I try to delete, I receive the error “one or more users currently use this mailbox store.  These users must be moved…”

There are only three mailboxes present and they are system-related.  SMTP with 0 items, System Attendant with 0 items and SystemMailbox with 401 items.

I was able to delete another store ealier in the week and did not run into this issue – but I’m having a hard time recalling if the SystemMailbox was present or if it was present but had no items – not sure if that matters.

I have run isinteg /fix and have moved the database files to a new location on the disk but the results are the same when trying to delete.  When I view the advanced options in AD, I do not see any user accounts still tied to the message store in question.

I could use specific steps on how to delete this mailbox store from the storage group.  Thanks.
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Solutions Architect
to move system mailboxes please follow these steps:
Here's in a MS link to determine if users are located in Exchange




Thank you for the info.  The only thing I would add during the searches for method one and two is to also go to view\choose columns\ and add exchange mailbox store.  Otherwise you are only seeing the users home server and not which stores they belong to within the home server.  This helped me find two mailboxes that were not visable via other searches.