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Issue with Dell PE SC1425 blinking light

tdog89 asked

I have a Dell PowerEdge SC1425 with

1TB Hard Drive
4 GB Ram
Dual Core 3.0Ghz

I have installed Citrix Xen onto the server. This amber/blue blinking light keeps flashing. I shutdown the system and pulled the cable out and than rebooted it. Still coming on. I than investigated further. I checked the bios to see about the RAM, etc.

The Ram currently says 4096 MB

But when I go into the O/S it says about 309 MB's

Could this be a RAM issue?
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Is the RAM all the same speed?

Dell doc re lights and beep codes:


Well I bought the server from geeks.com.

I am not getting any kinda of error message on the screen. ABCD all thoughs lights are green.
I solved this issue. I had the cover off the server when it was blinking. Although this was the first time i have every seen this happen. And with the RAM issue. I had citrix xen which isolates the ram for the o/s, etc.

Thank You all in advance.