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Internet Explorer Keeps shutting down

Joseph Salazar
I currently have 2 clients that are having their IE8 Keep shutting down

Client 1) when he is attempting to login to a Website to work it shuts down
   I had him reinstall ie8
   I had him delete all temps including cookies and history
   Website will not work Well with firefox or chrome but does log in

Client 2)
  When he attempts to print from IE it shuts down.
  I reinstalled ie8
  I deleted all temp files
  Does the Same with firefox
  I unstalled the printer driver and reinstalled from internet download

  Does the Same thing????

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Try running IE without add-ons. Click Start then Run and enter this line.
iexplore -extoff
Then test, if the problem is solved it is just a matter of a misbehaved add-on. It shouldn't be hard to find the culprit and disable it.
If it's not that, check the event viewer for errors.
Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT Consultant


I had to Uninstall IE8
Reboot system
Reinstall IE8

Works Great

Thanks for the help.