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PfSense Captive Portal / VmWare HELP

Hello Everyone,

I am running pfsense on a domain controller in vmware workstation (for testing as of now). perhaps its because its in vm but i am a big confused and am having some issues trying to set this up the way i want.

I have a Cisco 2651xm router with enterprise ios so its my router/firewall etc....

i have 3 vlans. (two technically) one is management (native) one is for corporate wireless the other for guest wireless (vlan20)

everything is working fine and dandy but here is what i am trying to do and why PFsense is in the picture.

I want my vlan20 (GUEST WIFI) to have a captive portal splash page, i know there are millions of ideas on how to do this out there with wifidog ddwrt etc..... but i am running a Cisco 1242ap with doesn't have a portal or splash page capability. SO...

I want to use Pfsense as a captive portal so when a user logs into my open guest wifi on vlan 20 they are redirfected to my splash page that has basic info on acceptable use and a timeout etc and all that fun stuff. no real authentication required for clients as the network is vlan and separate from my corporate network. but still want a splash for liability etc..... and that is the only reason i am using pfsense, i know its is very powerful and can do a ton more but from a vmware i have it installed for testing and cant seem to figure out how to get it all working.

Help appreciated.

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