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Recipient Policies won't die.

acpress asked
SMB 2003 ,Exchange Server 2003.
We have a recipient policy to restrict mailbox size.  A warning message goes out when the threshold (150 MEG) is reached and then outgoing messages are restricted when the threshold is exceeded by another 10 MEG.  
(I know this is excessive, but we are looking into addindg disc space.)

The warning messages are going out every 15 minutes.  This has proven to be too excessive, so I changed it to every hour.  The problem is that the changes did not take effect.  Notices are still being sent every 15 minutes.

I selected the "Apply changes now" option.
I restarted the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant, which also restarts the information store and MTS Stacks.
I failed over the cluster to another server and restarted the primary Exchange 2003 server.
I failed back over to the primary Exchange server and restarted teh secondarey server.

It seems whatever I try, the warning messages keep getting sent out to the mailboxes that exceed the threshold EVERY 15 MINUTES.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to what it is that I may have missed?
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You will have to wait for the Online Maintenance to complete for this setting to take effect. By default the Online Maintenance is scheduled foe between 1.00AM to 5.00AM every day.

For immediate effect you will have to force the Online Maintenance. I would suggest to wait for the Online Maintenance to complete and then check it out.


TAshwinRaj111 - hanks you.  You are 100% correct. Solution accepted.  I came in this AM.  Checked the test mailbox & found the "Over the limit" messages had stopped according to my changes.