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Mdaemon won't send email to internal users

Paul Montgomery
Paul Montgomery asked
Hi all, this needs a little explanation. We have an internal email server setup in house (Mdaemon 9.6.6). We send mail through that server but receive mail through our ISP provider which has the domain name. Everything works fine until we try to send mail to each other ie. paul@ourdomain to sam@ourdomain.net. When you send an email like this it seems to go just fine as I watch the server session tab. The odd thing is that no one ever gets the messages. The domain name is ourdomain.com in Mdaemon whch matches the actual domain name where our incoming mail is hosted at the ISP. I'm sure I have configured something wrong in MDaemon but am not sure what. I have tried changing the domain name to ourdomain.biz and changing the dns and nothing seems to fix the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Consider this:-

When an email is sent to anyone outside of your net e.g., bill@microsoft.com for example, the mail is routed out onto the WAN.  Similarly if your domain is hosted elsewhere then all mail for your internal users will also be routed out onto the WAN because DNS doesn't understand your situation.  To keep it internal you need to change a couple of settings:-

(1) In Setup, Primary Domain Name, change your domain to "company.mail"

(2) In Setup is an option Header Translation, use this to translate "company.mail" to your domain name.

(3) When local users email each other they use paul@company.mail or sam@company.mail rather than the correct name.  Emails for local users never go outside your LAN.