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Linksys RV016 static route setup for internet access

We have just installed a linksys RV106 router/firewall. we have several remote sites that can now no longer access the internet. subnets are 192.168.107.xxx and 192.168.106.xxx. router sits on 192.168.105.xxx and access from the 192.168.105.xxx subnet is fine. the other sites are connect to a cisco 3825 thru point to point T1's.  Currently remote site is set up in static route as address)  lan1. Router is set up in Gateway mode with no rip enabled. Question is, how  do i set up the RV016 so the remote sites can access the internet?
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if the remote site can connect to the following subnet 192.168.105.xxx, then u have to configure network address translation on the firewall.

you have to nat : 192.168.107.x and 192.168.106.x to your public IP ,


Thanks for the suggestion , but i do not see any way of doing that on this unit.

can you ping a host in the remote site from the firewall (if the ping feature is available....)


I can ping the remote site from the RV016 and when i do a tracert to google from the remote side it gets as far as the RV016, but then dies. could it need to have an access rule setup ?

How do the remote sites connect into the RV016?  Do they have connections into the lan ports on the router?

I assuming that you have a wired connection from your remote sites that plugs into your RV016 router.

What you need to do (if this is your setup) is plug the cables from the .106 & .107 networks (From Ciscos) into 2 of the configurable ports on the RV016.  

Configure the ports to be "internet" ports (not LAN ports).  Do not NAT or firewall these ports (if available).  
Assign an IP address to each port that falls within their respective subnets.  

If you do not gain internet access, try adding the following steps.

Setup 3 static routes within the RV016:

1) Destination IP =,  Mask = and next hop = (WAN port number/ name or IP address)
**  This route is probably already there  **

2) Destination =, Mask=, next hop = (configured (.107) port number/ name or IP address)

3) Destination =, Mask=, next hop = (configured (.106) port number/ name or IP address)

See if that works and let us know.

it appears that i needed to enable multiple subnets on the box to let the router know there were other subnets. this was enabled and configured and now the remote sites can access the internet.

Hi Gershowit,

Im trying to enable multiple subnets on my network but i cant seem to get them working.

I have 3 subnets:

Company A  - 192.168.123.xxx/ Gateway -
Company B  - 10.0.1.xxx/  Gateway -
Company C  - 172.110.1.xxx/  Gateway - Not sure what to set here.

What i want to try and do is run these all on one network switch with the RV016 and a Netgear Managed L2 switch also. I want to run Company B and C on the same network switch and seperate them so they cant see each other.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.