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KX-TVA exporting to .wave?

I recorded over our company greeting on our KX-TVA 50 and they were not happy about  it. I was wondering if it is possible to export company greetings to a .wav file.

I ask this because we have a builing that is shutdown where the phones are turned off. I thought if I could export the identical greeting from that building I could import it into this building.

I was pondering backing up the greeting over there and do a restore over here but I would prefer to just work with the .wavs.
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Get a cheap PC microphone/web cam
Get and load Audacity
Call the system with the recording you want
Record the greeting on your PC
Save as a Wav.

If you want to ever re-record the greeting, you can either play the recording back into the handset on the phone system, or, make note of the verbiage of the message and do a new voice record.
Using your Maintenance Console you can backup the system prompts. From there you can restore them to the other unit.

Personally I'd perform a full backup of the destination unit first just in case something goes wrong

:\ I just realized how old this posting was heh, sorry