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Network Location Server is run on the DirectAccess Server, unable to select Certificate

I am attempting to set up a DirectAccess server for testing. Everything is going good up to Step 3 "infrastructure servers" I am attempting to make my DA server the Location Server but when I click browse to select the Cert, it tells me no certs are available. I have followed the instruction in the microsoft articles.
Configure a Custom Certificate Template
Install a Network Location Server Certificate on the DirectAccess Server http://technet.microsoft.com/en-ca/library/ee649134(WS.10).aspx
I am able to create the cert an issue it my DA server, however when I try to select it while setting up DA it says no certs available.

what am I doing wrong?
 Cert Not Avail error
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sorry thats not my problem, I am still in the set up stages, step 3 to be specific
Just had this problem, it turns out that its an issue when your internal and external DNS names for your DA server are the same. So we have got around this by creating two names, da.ourcompany.com internally (and the corresponding certificate for the Network Location Server has that in the CommonName field) and directaccess.ourcompany.com to be used externaly (which the IP-HTTPS certificate is using).

Once we set the certs up this way, they were both selectable from the wizard. It seems it will only let you select one cert from each DNS during the confiuration.

Hope that helps.


In my case I had not entered anything for the External DNS name. I entered a external name on the network settings for the DNS suffix and the cert magically appeared.