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Adding user to workstation in Active Directory

I am attempting to create a new user on a workstation on a network running server 2003 / Active Directory.   I have added the user on the server / active directory.

When I go to the workstation and enter user name and put in the name of domain, I get the following error message:
The user could not be added because the trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.

I have went into ad / manage computers and selected reset.  I still get the same message as above.  
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The easiest solution is usually to remove the workstation from the domain (change it to WORKGROUP) and rejoin.
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While what Joel-LogicNet says is otherwise correct, an explanation would also be useful.

In short, there is a problem with secure channel of communication between the PC and domain and the domain no longer trusts that the machine trying to log the user in is, in fact, the correct machine.  The fix is, as stated, remove the machine from the domain, both on the workstation and in AD, and reconnect it.  (Technically a machine account reset should work in AD, but I usually delete the account and let it get recreated when I rejoin the domain).
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Make sure you know the administrator password, best to change it on the local machine and then log in as local administrator, right click on my computer, go to properties, go to the computer Name tab, click change button, change to workgroup name doesn't matter, once done, reboot, log back in as administrator, go back to Computer name tab, click change, then select Domain, put in the name of your domain, enter a domain user with administrative priv., reboot then it should work.

You may have network problems on the computer if so you'll need to correct before it will let you do the last 'join the domain step'


Perfect,,  Thanks...